· Includes lunchbag book, printed papers, cardstocks, embellishments, journaling tags, ribbon and adhesives

· Great gift idea at a great price

· Captures one entire subject (wedding, baby, birthday party, girls’ night out, sports season, school year, holiday) in one place

· Easy to share with all your friends and family and decorative too!

This whimsical scrapbook is made out of everyday brown lunchbags. It is another great gift idea because, like the chipboard book, it works perfectly to commemorate a special event or honor a special person in your life.


One unique and fun feature of this book are the pockets that are created when you fold the bags. They are great for storing extra pictures and large tags that can hold most of your journaling.


You can either send printed photos or email digital photos for me to print. Provide me with the details of the event, vacation, party or person and I will also journal your book for you. I handwrite all my own journaling and have practiced many different typestyles.


If you prefer to attach your own photos, simply provide me with a theme and I will create a special keepsake complete with matted areas for your pictures as well as  journaling spaces for you to “write the story”.


Satisfaction is always guaranteed and I encourage you to keep in contact during the process until you have received your finished product. And then I encourage you to show your friends!

Serving up your warmest memories to go.


Brown baggin’ it

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Price: $20.00

SKU/Item Number: 0606BAG

6” x 6” lunchbag scrapbook

· Approximately 6” x 6” w/12 pages + pockets

· Wallet size photos preferred

· Mail your printed photos or email your digital photos

· May also choose a theme instead and attach your photos yourself

Product Summary

One of my favorite things about these books are the built-in pockets that you can just stuff full of hidden treasure! I use the pockets for journaling, mementos, extra pictures, etc...but the possibilities are endless. For a Christmas one, you could put all the tags from your gifts in one. For Thanksgiving, you could have everyone bring their favorite recipe handwritten on an index card and keep those in the pockets.  Invitations, love letters, ticket stubs, golf scores, receipts from a trip...the list goes on and on!